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Welcome to Fork & Knife Creations!

Learn to cook delicious, creative, and inexpensive meals with my private in-home cooking classes. As a traveling cooking instructor, I cover the greater Sacramento/Bay Area to bring cooking classes to you, in the privacy of your own kitchen, and with a style that fits your tastes and budget. My cooking lessons are one to one, or you can choose to invite up to 2 guests, each at a discounted price. Whether you are a beginner interested in learning very basic cooking skills or a novice seeking greater culinary knowledge, you can learn at home as we work together to achieve your goals!

Special Offer: First 3 students will receive a 20% discount off the Beginner Cooking Lesson package.

In your 3 hour beginner lesson you will learn:

  • 10 ways to save money on groceries
  • Knife skills for quick prep
  • The secrets to cooking without recipes
  • What 3 knives you will use 95% of the time
  • How to save money by buying only 4 basic cooking pieces
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